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Desktop controls are now WASD instead of the arrow keys. Menu can be accessed (after title sequence) with E key and closed with Q.

Drop out of life with bong in hand in "Dopesmoker: The Game of the Album by Sleep, the Band," an endless runner (minus the running) based on the heaviest, highest album of all time.

This is a fan game. I am in no way affiliated with Sleep, the band.


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pls update

Anyway i could download this?

Great game, loving the art style and hope the other features get added in soon. Was wondering if there will be combat, or if its just a journey type game. Also little critiscism might be to add more of the 8 bit dopesmoker so the audio doesnt get too repetitive.

Glad you're enjoying it! Combat is currently in the works and should be somewhat demo'able by the next update, which should also include enough new environmental features and things to keep the riff moving right along. Thanks for the feedback!

Combat? Awesome! Dopesmoker creates a pretty cool atmosphere, but more game-y features would be great. I'm looking forward to this!

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It would be cool if you could also interact with other characters. Like buying more weed or a better bong from the guy with the camel in the background.


Really nice game! Pls keep updating! :D

Hail the riff-filled land!